Do You Have Hormone Problems? It might be your shower!


Shower woman washingWe can thank the ancient Greeks for inventing the very first indoor showers.  Today the average person in most countries takes about eight showers a week.   It’s no argument that good hygiene is important, but it’s also important to realize that showers can indeed be dangerous.  Bathing in unfiltered water means exposure to hundreds of harmful chemicals such as chlorine, PCB, dioxin, and DDT.

The skin is the largest organs and is most vulnerable.  Hot showers are especially dangerous because chlorine and other chemicals are easily absorbed through pores and directly into the blood stream.  The level of exposure to these chemicals depends on a host of other factors such as shower length and existing chemicals in the water supply.

Hormone Troubles

Fans of long, hot showers should know that chlorine and other dangerous chemicals that seep into the blood stream through the skin.  Over time, too much chlorine build up mimics estrogen and can lead to excess estrogen or estrogen dominance.  For women, the hormone estrogen is necessary for optimal function and helps to regulate the female reproductive system.  An excess of estrogen throws the entire body out of whack.  Women with estrogen dominance often suffer from symptoms like:

•    Irregular periods
•    Extra heavy menstrual bleeding that also can last for weeks at a time
•    Hair Loss
•    Fatigue
•    Low Libido
•    Memory Problems

Estrogen dominance is also a chief reason women develop the following diseases:

•    Fibroids
•    Endometriosis
•    Fibrocystic Breast Disease
•    Breast and Endometrial Cancer

But there’s good news!  Using a shower filter cuts exposure to the dangers of chlorine, mercury, lead and other toxins in public water by 99 percent.  Bathing in filtered water not only rejuvenates dry hair and skin but also lessens estrogen dominance and the risk of certain cancers.

If you’re reading this and have a shower filter, then great!  If you aren’t using a shower filter, please consider buying one. They’re inexpensive –they cost around  $50 to $150- and depending on the brand, the filter only needs to be changed a couple of times a year.

Five reasons why you should buy a chlorine filter:

1.     Using a chlorine filter reduces exposure to chlorine and heavy metals like lead and mercury.

2.     Showering in chlorine-free water improves female hormonal health and lowers the risk of estrogen dominance.

3.     Lowering chlorine exposure also lowers the risk of bladder and breast cancer.

4.    Using a chlorine filter reduces the risk of respiratory inflammation and breathing problems.

5.    Using a shower filter provides better air quality, not only in the bathroom but throughout the house. Remember, steam creates chlorine vapors, so a filter significantly reduces this problem.
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